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17 June

Why are Escape Rooms Safe?

In the midst of the pandemic, escape rooms are becoming a safe entertainment option. But why?

Why are Escape Rooms Safe?

We all agree that being locked up in an escape room is not the same with being locked up in your own home.

The spread of coronavirus still has impacts on our daily life with new habits being adopted. Now, the lockdown has come to an end and our responsibility is to follow the preventive measures and safely return to our routine.

The MindTrap escape rooms have been taken all the necessary protection measures, to prevent the virus, for you to safely escape from your home and get back on track. During your visit in our stores you can find antiseptic gels, the use of them is the best way to protect yourself and keep your hands germs-free. Additionally, we provide masks and single use gloves, so the only things that you would worry about are the tricky riddles and how to escape from the rooms.

Escape rooms are a buddy activity so choosing them to have fun with your loving ones is the greatest deal. We avoid large gatherings in our shared spaces so you and your friends won’t be in touch with any strangers.

Your favourite rooms are ventilated and sanitized after every team’s playing. The privacy each room offers itself creates a safe and healthy environment with clean air to have a clear mind, solve the riddles quickly and escape the room.

Following all the preventive measures against Covid19 we are back and ready to welcome you and share amazing escape room experiences with you.